A-maze-ing Turn of Events

For notation’s sake:

  • total found item cost (items worth 1/2 price to sell): 26,937 gp 5 sp
  • total coin found: 4,000 pp
  • total assets: 66,937 gp 5 sp
  • share per person (total divided 5 ways): 13,387 gp 5 sp

Each share can be taken in cash and/or 1/2 price items (buying the items from the group essentially).

I hope that clarifies things a bit. As Eric put it, this is pretty fair way of handling loot, but also a bit more complicated than some are used to. I’ve only explained it because it was brought up. If people have another preference now or in the future just speak up. Otherwise, I can do the accounting as long as someone else is willing to write up the inventory sheet from the GM (lists and I don’t tend to get along).


Here’s a loot from the last adventure:
Walter’s Items:
+1 Shocking Burst Rapier (9,160 gp)
Bracers of Armor +4 (8000 gp)
Ring of Protection + 2 (4000 gp) – taken by Missy
Broach of Shielding (absorbs magic missile shot) with 77 left to absorb (577 gp / 5 sp)

I can take on loot listing from now on. I’m good with keeping track of inventory.



I’m pretty sure I’ll take the money and spend it on a +3 enhancement on horse’s armor and +3 on my lance using NJ’s offer. Both are already masterwork. I think this would have to be done in game though to account for the time it takes, right?

A-maze-ing Turn of Events

I claim the bracers of armor.

A-maze-ing Turn of Events

I’ll take the ring, as Eric had stated. I might ask NJ’s NPC to enchant my mace, but I think I’ll just sit tight on the rest of the loot for now.

A-maze-ing Turn of Events
Wm_ Incohierophant

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