Dragon Milker

Brainstorm stuff you want to do during downtime next session:

General Questions:
Where are we staying/meeting up over the course of the next 2 months? Sigil? Hearth? Somewhere in Acheron?


  • Escort cyclops to make statement at Hearth: apologize for involvement, share any information known
  • Find honest work or at least safe haven for the cyclops (start by asking at Hearth after statement, otherwise take direction from his inclination, avoid prior influences)
  • Recruit support for uniting/founding colonies and trade/travel routes in the south: diplomats, traders, surveyors, carpenters, blacksmiths, entrepreneurs, trailblazers and especially networkers who can contact larger groups of these useful colonials. (Yolanda can recruit up to 10 1st level followers, 1 2nd, recruiting in Sigil, Hearth AND around Acheron)


  • Yo dawg, I heard you like items, so I’m crafting your crap so you can craft in your craft while you craft craft craft craft!
  • Ajani can only craft for 8 hours a day and can’t maintain the pace if he’s traveling or otherwise unable to return to a reasonable workplace during the day, so as long as I can get back to my workplace each day Ajani can do some downtime activities too (esp. wherever he ends up crafting, like sigil?), any ideas?


  • I would hope to travel to some of the established communities of Acheron in order to offer the support of Kalmor. Open trade agreements, map out caravan and shipping routes, draft economic and political embassies, etc.
  • Wouldn’t mind travelling with another of the party, especially if they need a bodyguard.
  • Eventually would like to meet the king Tassan Ardec, but will probably do this in game. (note :Randolph does not know of the history between King Ardec and the king of Kalmor).
  • Learn how to make so many demograph references with just two characters like NJ does. Fershizzle.


Liana has no particular plans. Just wander, make friends, learn some things. Maybe apprentice herself to the half-dragon lich in the meantime. Just being her free-spirit self.

Dragon Milker
Wm_ MasadaCore

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