Halfling Were-Terrasque

While at the magistrate’s office, our heroes were introduced to Alice Michelle, who would be joining them in their adventure. After a plan was formulated, the party set off to Sigil to gear up for the coming battle. Afterward, the “troops” were gathered to “storm” the mountaintop.

Atop Dipnokk’s Shame, a hearty battle was fought between our adventurers and the skeleton of Thorkomph Dipnokk, and between the Guardians of the Gates and the Magus of Chains. Dipnokk dealt out some serious hurt to a few of the combatants, killing Big Momma outright before he was brought down by a mysterious figure who donned Ajanni’s shield. Distraught, Ajanni tried everything to bring his mother back to him. Sympathetic toward him, Alice asked the Guardians if there was anything they could do.

Despite their obvious discomfort at the idea, they summoned their boss, the Templar of Scales, who agreed to resurrect Yolanda under one condition. He told them that the balance of power must be maintained. In order to bring Yolanda back, an evil power of equal magnitude must also be brought back into the world.

All agreed that whatever the consequences, they could handle them together. Yolanda was brought back to life and she and Ajanni were teleported back to their home on the farm. The remaining party members asked to be brought there also, and now they are all together, recuperating.

In-game time passed to-date: 49 days

XP gained to-date: 27,000


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