Business Agreement

While Yolanda recovered from their battle-most-epic and being recently deceased, Alice and Dhalsim discussed the nature of Alice’s assignment to the group. After some discussion it is agreed that she will join the group in exchange for some nice “tracks of land” (some new D cups, perhaps).

Oh no we di-unt!

Much to the chagrin of Yolanda (and everyone else present), she awakes to find out a great evil was brought back to save her. Alice, Dhalsim and Ajani agree to help right this by finding this evil and once more tipping the scales in the favor of good. Objective laid out, some quest rewards received and a neck-breaking compass in tow, the group sets out to find their man/woman/it.

Diplomat Dumbo and the 5 Finger Discount

The group, sans Ajani, briefly re-enters Hearth for some catch-up with the magistrate and snooping around about their likely destination Minotaurs’ Keep. Their only notable lead brings them south to a Bandit Encampment after accumulating Ajani again. A peaceful meeting with one of their members reveals little more about the Minotaur, save that they are less than welcoming and bandits use them for hazing (of sorts). However, Alice is mistakenly allowed near sensitive areas and she punishes the bandits brutally with her deft hands for the mistake.

Spelunking, for business AND PROFIT!

With their new “treasure map” in hand, the group sees fit to pro-actively procrastinate and better equip themselves before heading east to the Minotaur. The group quickly finds the area laid out on the map and begins exploring the bandit’s hidden cache only to find out that it less resembles a cave than being inside an angry inside out electric porcupine for it’s hospitality.

A Curious Find

The group scouts and pillages a couple rooms while avoiding most of these un-pleasantries before happening upon a terrible skeleton and an egg. Dhalsim rushes to examine the egg, Ajani spends quite some time with the bones and Alice searches the room.

Sasha: The Final Solution

The remains and egg both prove to be those of black dragons. Dhalsim propose selling the egg, Ajani condemns it’s fate to that of evil and suggests destroying it, Yolanda scorns the taking of a life before it could even choose a path, let alone evil and Alice is not generally enthused by any of this. The compromise is made to sell the egg to Sasha Jackson, for the farm, as she will give it a fair and virtuous upbringing and “damn well take it out of this world if she has to”, just as promised to Yolanda or Ajani.

Wait Here, We’ll Be Back.

After determining this plan of action and Alice confirming there is nothing else hidden, the group retires from the dead end and seals the passage until their return. They then proceed down a long straight descent, previously pried open and scouted by Yolanda and Ajani…


In-game time passed to-date: 81 days

XP gained to-date: 27,000


Wm_ Wm_

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