Just Add Water

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By the way guys, add 5525 gp to your gold because Alice sold the items she found.

Just Add Water

Eric: I’m sure you have, but keep the 4,750 that I owe you. Yay no debt!

Just Add Water


  • Yolanda – Yolanda spends her available downtime visiting Walter’s family with Ajani, then helping guide and network the towns/cities/villages established within the fledgling nation of Catan. Specific attention is paid to negotiating an alliance between the gryphons and coastal towns for fishing and possibly trading riders as couriers, traders and a peace keeping militia. Yolanda also will arrange the inclusion of the gryphons as peoples of the nation of Catan and negotiate trade agreements and an alliance with a new trade organization formed by Walter with the ex-river-bandits. Yolanda will also take the books she brought back from the library to read between traveling and negotiations to study, before returning them to Ajani for his collection.
  • Ajani will spend time meeting his new family members as well. He will also check up on his custodial holdings in Sigil and spend the majority of his time crafting and reading the books he brought back from the library. Giving them a new home in the old guild-hall, he will also look into acquiring other old and/or forgotten books in a small library within the old-guild-hall. He will then seek assistance and/or funding from the mage’s guild in Sigil in return for converting the old guild-hall into an off-site guild library.
Just Add Water
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