Hey guys,
It looks like I will not be able to play tomorrow, and was wondering if we would be able to move the game to Thursday this week, as it is my only available night.

Also, Brian asked me if we could bring in a friend of his, Howard. I said this would probably not be a problem, as long as you guys are fine with it. He has little experience with 3.x, but seems like a fun guy.

Please leave any responses/thoughts as comments to this post.



Would he be a consistent player? If so, then I don’t see why not.


As for Thursday, I should be fine. I might even be recovered from this cold.


That actually works out better! I was signing on to tell you Missy was scheduled to work till your (eastern) 8pm, and I was till your 7pm. I work till 6pm on Thursday and I think Missy is off.

I’m ok with another player, even if its just a one time thing.


Yep, it all sounds good, and much appreciated.

My only thought is not so much about another player joining us, but how will he connect? I’m not sure if Tokbox would all-out freeze if we tried to add another window. Can he and Brian get cuddly?


Eric: Yes, he would be a consistent player
Missy: I don’t think they will be anywhere near one another when we play, as Howard lives in New Jersey. (P.S. I originally typed that as “Howard lives in NJ,” then I realized that sounds like he is a parasite feeding off of Nathaniel.)


Bwahaha, well maybe his character might end up being the next of Yolanda’s children, you never know


Blah, I need to stop ’bwaha’ing all the time…


huh. I thought this was a college buddy.

I’m not sure about another Skype player. We’re kind of having a lot of troubles in terms of logistics and ability to be heard with just three.

Wm_ Wm_

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