Someone Call the Game Warden, I Think We Hit A...

Aboard the ship, you will find the following:

Format: Item Description. (magic aura)

1. A large, sealed iron barrel big enough to hold two medium creatures. (Strong evocation and transmutation)
2. A heavy flail with a red-stained head. (Moderate enchantment (compulsion))
3. A padded and slightly bulky vest, made from dyed, red-brown cloth. (Faint necromancy)
4. A dark wooden shaft, the tip of which holds a piece of hard, chalk-like stone. (Moderate abjuration)
5. An arrow made of lightweight metal. (Strong necromancy)


Yolanda and Ajani both agree that using their own airship to breach the bandit’s headquarters seems the best way forward when we do attack. In the meantime, interrogating our captive and preparing our forces and the ship should be our first priority.

To do list includes:

  • Interrogate hostage (many questions to ask here, regarding bounty, other Magi, their goals, their co-conspirators, their “master”, defense of the town, etc.)
  • Determine capacity of airship.
  • Assess airship for any necessary repairs or modifications.
  • Prepare any and all of the following based on the above info and viability of trojan horse vs. direct siege:
  • Cover story to sneak in under guise of being the missing ship.
  • Breaching charge or cutting equipment to siege the main tower.
  • Cargo compartment for carrying additional troops, depending on the ship’s capacity.
  • Modify our prior traps as defenses on our ships against boarders.
  • Ropes/grappling/climbing equipment for additional deployment options.

Ajani’s Knowledge Tsun Tzu:

Regarding the forces and resources available to us, the following should be kept in mind:

Goblin Cavalry

  • Mobility – They will tend to be far more effective when they can keep on the move and avoid being bogged down in opposing forces. These will be best for pushing any weak-spot fast, reinforcing a weakened flank quickly or running recon/retrieval/escort missions. They are our half-backs, playing the whole field.

Yeti Brutes

  • Siege – Any Yeti we can recruit to work with us serve best to shatter heavy fortifications, breach doors and walls and hold important choke points. They should be the second thing we deploy behind the cavalry, who will push the initial lines as deep as they can, as they can bolster the goblins and hopefully break any strong resistance met by the cavalry and relieve them to regroup. The yeti may also be capable of scaling walls from the exterior of our ship and making additional breaching points. They are the linebackers breaking the opposing defensive line.

Guerrilla Bandits

  • Ambush/Defense – The guerrilla bandits, whose proficiencies are mostly swarm tactics (outnumbering their foes) and ambushing (IE applying prior knowledge to their tactical advantage for a decisive victory), best serve us after the enemy’s initial defenses have been tested by either the cavalry or yetis, at which point they can provide support and coordination to breach still resistant defenses, lay ambushes in already secured areas to ensure we don’t get cutoff, act as rear-guards to our assault forces and some if properly equipped, could likely enter additional breaching points via climbing and either scout ahead for us or attack unexpected from these additional entry points. They our defensive positions and our forwards, keeping us from losing ground, buying us time and finding a weak point to break anywhere we can.


  • Wildcard – Ajani is still unsure what the druids may be able to provide or if they will even help. However, in light of their penchant for controlling weather he supposes that they may be able to afford the ship cloud cover to slip into the town’s airspace, allowing for an unexpected attack. However, the group should definitely consult the druids to see how much support they’re willing to give (especially given the group’s multiple approach resolution of their gryphon issue :-/) and just what they may be capable of to give the group additional options.

With three spellcasters in this party, can it be assumed that somebody (pointedly looking at Ajani) took the time to identify the items we found?


My horse knows COMMON! It is now the horse from Tangled!


30+ spellcraft on to identify each item when we get a chance and on a side note, I successfully identified all but the 2nd item in one try out of game already. X-D



30+ spellcraft to identify each item. Amusingly enough, I already identified all but the 2nd item outside of game in a message to Bill, but I’ll wait for approval before I let the cat out of the bag.




…fail comment posting/refresh is fail.


1. Apparatus of the Crab [core p. 500]
2. +3 Furious Heavy Flail [APG p. 288]
3. Vest of the Cockroach [APG p. 310]
4. Staff of Traps [APG p. 299]
5. Greater Slaying Arrow, construct-keyed [core p. 476]

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