Ajani "Junior" Cardaso

A curious half-orc prophet and an intuitive craftsman, living a charmed existence as a steward to the spirits.


Ajani Cardaso is the youngest son of Yolanda “Big Momma” Jackson and half-brother to Walter Jackson.

Unusual Child

Ajani, was always a strange child. He was not strong, nor was not particularly smart, however he had a certain way about him that endeared him to others. Ajani always gave off a strange sense of his insight into the world, as if he acted knowing just what the world asked of him and just where he was to be taken. Far too often to be coincidental he found himself just where he needed to be to avert some small disaster or simply stumbled upon an important discovery as if he knew it was there all along. However, when confronted about it he neither knew about it nor seemed to understand how that was strange.

Yolanda suspected he might be different, but had little idea how different until Ajani started speaking in strange languages and uttering portents he himself did not understand. As these events became more frequent, Yolanda became convinced Ajani may have inherited the “gift” of the seers from his clan.

Learning His Heritage

Though Ajani spent his earliest years in the care of his clansman and his father Shi-jin Cardaso, after his father’s death he was brought home with Yolanda to Heartsouth Homestead where he was raised with his brother Walter Jackson. When his “gift” started presenting itself, Yolanda taught him more of the culture of his native clan, as best she could recall, but as Ajani came to the age of 10, she decided she could no longer serve him properly. They traveled together to ask her old clan-kin to take Ajani on and teach him their ways as a shaman and seer. Her clan mates gladly accepted, if only to honor the spirit of his father and so Ajani began to learn the ways of the spirits and the dreams.

Coming of Age

During one of Yolanda’s visits to Ajani and his tribesmen, she was told Ajani had come of age and would need to seek his own guidance now. Ajani begged “Momma” to take him with her on some of her great adventures, as he saw it as his best opportunity to truly learn about the world. Yolanda, apprehensive to lose her only remaining son to his own ambitions or even just her absence, reluctantly accepted.

Yolanda quickly found that sending Ajani to live with his clansman was the correct choice as he had acquired many new skills which fit him far better than any farm work, weapons training or trade-mongering her colony had ever taught him.

Ajani "Junior" Cardaso

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