Aberrant Sorcerer with a focus on touch attacks


Dhalsim was born on a lightless cave day in an unmapped area of the unmapped zones in the far south of Acheron. He was a typical child, if a little quiet, and was always obedient and hardworking. Slowly though, his strange tendencies estranged him from the Drow around him: he never partook of the slaves, never killed his brethren in rivalry or rage, and refused to take part in the raids that would bring honor to his family. When his sorcerous powers began to manifest, though, his village was overjoyed. “Finally!” they would say, “Finally we have a power that can be used to expand our way of life!”. Dhalsim too was relieved, he was finally being accepted as a member of the village.

In his new position as “head honcho” of the village he immediately went into an even greater seclusion, citing his need for privacy while he planned “the greatest and most historic expansion of Drow culture in the history of the race”. After several weeks of radio silence, Dhalsim came back to his people and held a great meeting where he laid out his long worked-on plans.

After the meeting there was no longer any doubt in the mind of the village. Dhalsim was fucking insane. Who in their right mind would want to colonize the surface? What kind of Drow would shun the darkness and embrace the light? Such a man could never be allowed to lead the village. A secret meeting of the elders was called and a decision made. Dhalsim was to be cast out.

But what of his sorcerous powers? The village feared his wrath almost as much as the ball of fire in the sky, simply castigating him wouldn’t do. They needed him to leave of his own accord, and to never come back. Thusly, a plan was formed. “You are brilliant!”, they told him, “We never even thought about living on the surface, what an amazing idea! However, how do we know that we will not be instantly destroyed once we leave the safety of our cavern? How do we know that the nations of the surface won’t band together to decimate us once we’ve made ourselves vulnerable? What we need is a scout, an emissary, a gatherer of information on the surface before we commit ourselves to establishing a settlement there.” They knew that the surface was dangerous, and they knew that Dhalsim had never actually left the cavern (having never taken part in the raids), and trusted in the savage wilds of Acheron to take care of the “Dhalsim problem” in due time.

And so, Dhalsim left his village to learn what he could learn, his only remembrance of home the Rikidd Goggles that he designed and had built to protect his sensitive eyes from the searing sun.


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