Erica Salvin



age 19 5’2 ft tall 94 lbs golden blond hair green eyes. Dressed in Nobels Cloths.

AC 17
hp 53


Upon Birth of Erica , Lady Ariauna died. Growing up as a half elf her father Lord Darkwin Salvin never let her out of the astats land. She was traind as a wizard although her training always went porly she was able to understand the basics and developed other abilities. at a Young age her only friend was a imagenary friend that She named Omny, when her fother found out she had a imagenary she was punished and band from ever speking of sutch things.
She ubserved the crualty of her fother time and time agen agenst there slaves.
she however was unwilling to give up ehre only friend beleaving it was real she became secretive and cept things to herself. adventchualy her imagenary friend gaind a form that resembeld a knight.
it wasnt long before her fother found out and killed the creacher she had called forth. he forbid her from ever using the ability to sumon the knight. forbing the knight forever.
it was only a day before she found out Omny wasnt treuly dead. she however became more skileld at hideing and playing / training with Omny.

As she aged she resembled her mother more and more. Her fother one drunken night let the alchole blind him and became upsesed with the utter resembelance of Ariauna. He cam on and attempted to Rape Erica. Erica’s only defence to this was masters Call summining forth Omny who was outraged by the situation and Put Lord Darkwin through the wall. Erica and Omny then quickly grabed Ericas Bag and has Fled Not knowing if her Fother servived or not but fearing if he did he would surly be after her and if he didnt she would be blamed for his Murder. She Excaped She dosnt know wher to go or aney of the area other then what she has read. She has found herself int he capital trying to figure out her next move.

Erica Salvin

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