Gimm Lightfoot

Dwarven monk with a thirst for revenge....and alcohol.


The Early Days: The End of the Dwarf and the beginning of the Monk
Born in the mountains, far north from Acheron, Gimm lived a pretty average life for a Dwarf. Around his 20th birthday, Gimm ventured out towards the entrance of the mines and noticed an old, bald human in his 60s with a long, thin beard wearing simple brown robes. He also noticed that, around his waist, was a large gourd drinking vessel. This old man seemed as if he was lost and needed to find his way back home. On top of simply looking confused, Gimm could also smell alcohol on the man’s breath and his beard. Gimm immediately recognized the smell of the alcohol as one of his favorite ales, and agreed to help the old man back home. On the way back to the old man’s home, the two of them were assaulted by bandits. Gimm readied his axe to confront them, but before his blade even made contact, the old man quickly dispatched a few of them using only his fists, which scared off the other bandits. Amazed at what he saw, Gimm asked the old man if he could teach him that technique. The old man, who gave his name as Master Bochou, agreed to teach Gimm the art of the Drunken Master. For about five years, Gimm was able to balance his life in the Mines with the time he took lessons lessons from Bochou. About the sixth year into his training, Bochou told Gimm that if he was serious about becoming a Drunken Master monk, he needed to leave his old life behind and come live with him. Although he had a happy life in the Mines, Master Bochou became something of a second father to Gimm. Although it was a tough decision, he decided to leave his home and undergo serious training with Master Bochou.

A tragic turn of events: Gimm on the Warpath
At the age of 40, Gimm had been training with Bochou for a total of 20 years. Master Bochou, now 80 years of age, has brought Gimm back to the Mines in order to help Gimm perfect the art of controlling his fears with the use of alcohol. Since the Dark was no problem for Gimm normally thanks to his Dark vision, Master Bochou blindfolded Gimm and sent him into the deepest parts of the mines to retrieve a scroll he planted in there a few days prior. It took Gimm several hours to get the job done, but he finally overcame his fear and emerged, scroll in hand. He took off his blindfold once he was out of the cave to find that while he was in the cave, Master Bochou was assassinated. Having no idea who the killer was, he thought he was doomed to leave this heinous act unpunished. As he picked up the body of Master Bochou, he noticed something sticking out of his back: An obsidian dagger with a strange type of cloth wrapped around the handle. It wasn’t much evidence as to who did this, but it was all he needed to start on a lifelong quest to find the one who killed his master and bring swift justice down on them.

Present Day: The era of the wandering Monk
Currently 60 years old, Gimm has wandered all the upper regions of the world, training himself in the ways of the Drunken Master and taking the strange dagger to every tavern in every town he could find until one day, someone recognized the strange cloth on the blade. He said that the cloth was distinctly of Drow make, and the only place he knew that the Drow were located was in Acheron. With this new information, he bought some gear with the life savings he accumulated from odd jobs over the years, including a strange container that never ran out of ale, and made his way to Acheron….

Gimm Lightfoot

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