Sasha "Gramma" Jackson

Warrior, protector, victim, black sheep, farmer, mother to Yolanda Jackson and the most badass grandmother this side of the Oruss River.


Sasha Jackson is the mother of Yolanda Jackson and the maternal grandmother of Ajani Cardaso.

Capture & Conception

Formerly a capable member of the militia of, Valehaven, a small village south of what is now Hearth. Sasha Jackson she was outnumbered, defeated and abducted during an orc raid after felling several of their fellows at the age of . One of their higher ranking members took her as a trophy, being a powerful, beautiful woman, to have his way with her. After days of torture, abuse and rape, Sasha Jackson secured an implement she would later use to seize her freedom. A simple shank served as the only tool she needed to turn their next love-making session into a brutal struggle for survival, ultimately ending in the perforation and strangulation of her mate. Sasha scrounged the corpse for keys to release herself, stole coverings and some supplies and made off during the night calling upon all her wilderness skills to evade the orcs and travel back home.

Return & Reception

However, upon her return she was not welcomed with open arms by her village. At first it was simply uncomfortable stares of guilt, unfamiliarity or even fear, but when she recovered enough to try to reprise her role in the town guard she found the true price of her incarceration.
Sasha was refused her old position and was shunned from all but the most menial work around town as few would have anything to do with her. Worse yet, it was not long before she found she was with child and soon after that she was confronted by the governing officials of her village, who gave her a pittance for her land, a cart and horse to travel with and asked her to take her leave of them.

Immigration & Inception

Ms. Jackson packed what she could on her cart and disembarked, eventually finding shelter in the Heartsouth Plains. There she found good farmland and started a new life. She built herself a small house for shelter and sowed the fields using her newly acquired horse. She gave shelter to the occassional traveler through her area in exchange for aid working her farm, though she could not share what little food she foraged or caught with traps at the time. All the while she silently resented her fellows who had sent her away, the orcs who had shouldered her with the burden of child and scorn and she thought numerous times about taking out her anger on the manifestation of her pains growing within her belly.

On one such night she found herself about to strike her shame with a rock when it became apparent it was time. Suddenly hit by the gravity of the moment she threw down the rock and instead grabbed a kettle of water and put it over her cooking fire. Sasha delivered her child herself that night and in the end, lay exhausted on her floor with her child beside her. She stared at it’s helpless shriveled little face and at the rock she had so eagerly clutched just hours before and thought “how could I, who have suffered so much misfortune from others, bring such misfortune to this child?” And so Yolanda was born.

Sasha and Yolanda made some friends as Yolanda grew up and soon their farmstead assimilated a couple small families who all helped tend the fields and protect their home and so the Heartsouth Homestead was founded.

Sasha "Gramma" Jackson

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