Shi-jin Cardaso

A noble star burning hot and bright in the night, a great leader of his half-orc clan, charismatic, brave, wise and compassionate.


Shi-Jin Cardaso was Yolanda Jackson’s second love, father of Ajani Cardaso and Chieftan of the half-orc clan.

A Noble Star Blazing in the Sky

The night of Shi-Jin’s birth, a bright star fell across the night sky. The seers of his clan explained that this was a prophecy and that he would be a great leader, burning brightest among their people and leading all by his example. They were right. Shi-Jin grew to be a natural leader. He was charismatic, brave, wise and compassionate. From an early age Shi-Jin took an interest in battle and had a natural talent, but he also worked hard to prepare himself for the burdens he would shoulder.

At Peace in the Heavens

At the age of 27 Shi-Jin met a Half-Orc woman named Yolanda Jackson. The two warriors respected each other’s strengths of character, body and heart and soon fell in love. Yolanda was the light that lit Shi-Jin’s way through his hardest times and the hope that brought him through each battle. Yolanda spent much time with the Shi-Jin’s clan and soon they gave birth to a child, Ajani “Junior” Cardaso. For some years, he was raised with their clan living with his father while Yolanda took trips to visit her other first son at the Heartsouth Homestead.

The Falling Star

Shi-Jin’s clan had long been beset by intolerant humans and hostile monsters surrounding their homelands and in a desperate act to carve out a safe home for their people, Shi-Jin lead the tribe’s warriors into battle against a group of ogres that had long threatened and raided their people, to drive the Ogres from their territory and move his clan out of reach of their other adversaries. However, the young chieftain specifically chose to enact this plan without Yolanda’s knowledge, while she was away visiting her other son, knowing well the danger of this mission and that he could never convince her not to join their warriors.

Indeed, Shi-Jin, succeeded at defeating the ogres and securing a safe future for his people, but the casualties were heavy and the tribe’s people mourned deep that day as their leader return atop a funeral procession. It was only then that the seer’s revealed the full prophecy of his birth-star. His star burned hot and bright for all to see and follow, but he was destined to fall as fast as he rose, gone, but never forgotten.

Shi-jin Cardaso

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