Walter Jackson

A smart, ambitious and cunning young half-orc with dreams of grandeur and appetite for danger.


Walter Jackson was the first son of Yolanda “Big Momma” Jackson and Sir Balthazar Morridan and half-brother to Ajani Cardaso.

Not another farm-boy

The senior of Yolanda Jackson’s two children, Walter Jackson was not the best farm-boy, but he was smart, cunning and ambitious. At the age of 10 he began helping other homestead residents barter their crops with nearby settlements for better goods and even helped secure consistent trade arrangements for their small colony.


Walter Jackson had apparently inherited his dreams of grandeur and appetite for danger from his father. In bitter jealousy of the adventure and attention that his half-brother Ajani “Junior” Cardaso had received despite his own gifts, he ran away at the age of 12.

Yolanda set out immediately to find Walter and as the years dragged on, she fell into her usual lines of work while trying to follow leads to find him. Unfortunately for Yolanda, Walter like his father was not one to be found if he did not want to be. She drowned her sorrows in work for the remainder of 4 years after this incident.

Walter Jackson

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