Yolanda "Big Momma" Jackson

A boisterous and fierce but amiable half-orc matriarch with enough maternal instinct to parent the world.



1st level:
7 Experts (1 Aasimar, 1 Goblin, 1 Orc, 1 Half-Orc, 1 Human, 2 Tengu)
3 Commoners (1 Tiefling, 1 Goblin, 1 Orc)
3 Warriors (1 Goblin, 2 Orcs)
3 Aristocrats (1 Kobold, 1 Half-Orc, 1 Orc)
9 Adepts (2 Kobold, 1 Half-Orc, 1 Orc, 3 Humans, 2 Goblins)

2nd level:
1 Human Expert
1 Human Warrior

3rd level:
1 Orc Aristocrat


Yolanda “Big Momma” Jackson is the daughter of Sasha “Gramma” Jackson and an Orc raider, widow of Shi-jin Cardaso and mother of Walter Jackson and Ajani “Junior” Cardaso.


Yolanda was raised a strong farm-hand, with ample fighting skill as she and her mother saw fit to protect themselves from any would-be crop-stealers, raiders or further deadbeat fathers. Sasha also instilled in Yolanda a strong sense of benevolence and kindness, even in the face of adversity and hatred. However, she was not above showing her the power of a harsh look or a swift crack on the head when she got out of line either.

Coming of Age

At the age of 16, under the urging of her mother, Yolanda set out to see the world on her own
she had an adventurous youth, working as a mercenary, a mediator and even a “diplomat”
when she was 18 she met a brash young human man, who promised her the world, but when she found one day she was carrying his child he would be nowhere to be found. Yolanda named the child Walter and raised him with her mother at home on the farm between traveling and continuing in her usual line of work.

Second Husband

At the age of 20 Yolanda met a tribal clan of half-orcs and fell passionately in love with their young chieftan, Shi-jin Cardaso. Yolanda spent much time with the clan and soon reared a second child, Ajani Cardaso, with their clan, still visiting her first son at the farm.

A Desperate Battle

Shi-Jin’s clan had long been beset by intolerant humans and hostile monsters surrounding their homelands and in a desperate act to carve out a safe home for their people, Shi-Jin lead the tribe’s warriors into battle against a group of ogres that had long threatened and raided their people, to drive the Ogres from their territory and move his clan out of reach of their other adversaries. However, the young chieftain specifically chose to enact this plan without Yolanda’s knowledge, while she was away visiting her other son, knowing well the danger of this mission and that he could never convince her not to join their warriors.

Indeed, Shi-Jin, succeeded at defeating the ogres and securing a safe future for his people, but the casualties were heavy and the tribe’s people mourned deep that day as their leader return atop a funeral procession.


A grief stricken Yolanda helped the tribe relocate, but being around his people made Yolanda’s pain too hard to forget and she soon chose to return home with her second son, Ajani, to ease the pain at home and spend more time with both her sons.

The Loss of a Son

When Yolanda’s youngest son Ajani Cardaso turned 10, she realized she could no longer properly teach him of his clan’s heritage, so they took a trip to seek his clan’s teachings for Ajani. Though their trip was successful, Yolanda’s return was bittersweet. Walter Jackson had apparently inherited his dreams of grandeur and appetite for danger from his father. In bitter jealousy of the adventure and attention that his half-brother Ajani “Junior” Cardaso had received despite his own gifts, he ran away at the age of 12.

Yolanda set out immediately to find Walter and as the years dragged on, she fell into her usual lines of work while trying to follow leads to find him. Unfortunately for Yolanda, Walter like his father was not one to be found if he did not want to be. She drowned her sorrows in work for the remainder of 4 years after this incident.

A Son Becoming a Man

During one of Yolanda’s visits to Ajani and his tribesmen, she was told Ajani had come of age and would need to seek his own guidance now. Ajani begged “Momma” to take him with her on some of her great adventures, as he saw it as his best opportunity to truly learn about the world. Yolanda, apprehensive to lose her only remaining son to his own ambitions or even just her absence, reluctantly accepted.

Yolanda quickly found that sending Ajani to live with his clansman was the correct choice as he had acquired many new skills which fit him far better than any farm work, weapons training or trade-mongering her colony had ever taught him.

Reflection Upon Parenthood

Yolanda was very proud of Ajani, but then she was always proud of both Walter and Ajani. Once, briefly, she thought the perhaps if Walter had been given the same opportunity to thrive as Ajani, perhaps she may not have lost him. Yolanda then snuffed out the campfire and with it these thoughts. Though, like the fire, the smoke will remain for some time.

Yolanda "Big Momma" Jackson

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