Week 3

After having dealt with the cyclopes from the end of the previous session, our heroes and their monk entourage continued on to the Village. Upon reaching the gate, they were greeted by Skip, Guardian of the Brass Gate, who offered them some support in exchange for their dedication to stopping the forces trying to raise the cyclops Battle Titans.
Some of the party were less than sure about the quest or their ability to survive its trials and asked Skip to help them take their leave. With only Yolanda, Ajani, and Dhalsim remaining (the monks were quartered in the village, thanks to Skip), the Guardian teleported them to his personal armory in Sigil, City of Doors.
In Sigil, the adventurers visited the massive and sprawling marketplace. Shopping done, they set about finding a way home. As none of them knew anything about planar travel, they had to find someone who could show them the way. In short order, they located a less-than-popular elf wearing nothing but a kimono who was reputed to be an expert on the subject. The elf turned out to be Merv, Guardian of the Silken Gate, another member of the Council of Gates, along with Skip. Merv informed the party that the door home was nearby but needed an activation—an undead creature must be destroyed in front of the door.
Deciding it would be a simple matter of using Ajani’s magic robe to create a skeleton on-site, the party had Merv teleport them to the door. Ajani put a skeleton in front of it, and they all readied themselves for the wholesale slaughter of a minuscule threat. However, before any of them could act, the newly-aquired shield on Ajani’s back sprouted little legs and charged the skeleton head-on, destroying it instantly with a headbutt “shield bash.” The door swung open to a portal, and the group entered, once the initial shock of the event wore off.
The portal exited through the ancient archway over the entrance to the Drow Cave of Love and Happyness. Our heroes then (inadvertently) summoned Skip, and together they formulated a plan. Dhalsim would enter the Drow Cave of “Love” and “Happiness” and ask his people for their aid in conquering the wilds. Yolanda & Co. would travel back to the village with Skip and cack on things there.
Having no luck in the Underdark, Dhalsim met bacl up with Yolanda and Ajani and the three decided they should take the information they had gleaned from the cyclopes and Skip to the Acheron Magistrate. Upon learning that there were forces atop [Dipnokk’s Shame]] that were in league with the cyclopes to raise the Battle Titans, the Magistrate offered a pair of scouts to the group to aid with a reconnaissance mission.
The mission to the mountaintop was a success, in that they confirmed that the Magus of Chains, a former member of the Council of Gates, was behind the plot. They also learned that Thorkomph Dipnokk has been raised as a powerful skeleton by the Magus’ side. Not wanting to spark a pitched battle, the adventurers quietly retraced their path up the mountain and scouted around for additional forces. Finding none, they went immediately back to the Magistrate to ask for help from the king to defeat their mighty foe.

In-game time passed to-date: 48 days

XP to-date: 11,000

Hard Nipples
Week 2

After being attacked in the night by impotent attackers the party continued their journey to The TODD’s monastary. After much dicking about to determine whether or not the giant elbow would starve in the mountains our heroes decided to press on, moving up through the bitterly cold mountains to the promised safety of the monastary. Having arrived at The TODD’s place of residence Yolanda was able to convince the other residents to join them in colonizing the South, and immediately set them to building sets of snowshoes and a giant toboggan for the journey ahead. Dhalsim and Erica, meanwhile, discover the ancient wonder that powers the monastary’s bonfire…

In-game time passed to-date: 46 days

XP gained to-date: 2,000

post by: bdrichar

Flurry of Bowls

Manifest Destiny
Week 1

After an interesting meeting with the Chief Magistrate, our heroes grouped together and formed a plan to head south to clear the land of its savagery and lay claim to aftermath. With their giant elbow in tow, the intrepid adventurers (and Tenacious Outlander of Divine Destiny) made their way down the riverside to the edge of the Promised Border.

In-game time passed to-date: 18 days

Flurry of Bowls


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